James S. Wright
james wright

James S. Wright

James has had a long career in high tech marketing using Agile principles before he knew that’s what they were called. He started as an Applications Engineer before finding his first love, product management. He’s led product management, marketing, sales, engineering, business development, and operations functions at a variety of companies ranging from large and public to small startup. James has learned that these foundational principles work across industries. He’s been in enterprise software, computer storage, test equipment, consumer electronics and alternative fuel and energy products.

James is the principal consultant at Go Time Agile. He has been an Agile Coach for the past five years focusing on business application. He published his first business book, Scrum Marketing, in 2014. His second book, Business Principles for Agile: the 10 Effect, will be published in the summer of 2018.

Workshop (English):
Create 10X Results

This workshop will use case studies to explain why 70% of Agile transformation fail, but business that become real Agile organizations can grow 1000% very quickly.  You will learn the simple things required for success.

Primary topics include:

  • The primary Agile principles for businesses
  • Creating and implementing an Agile strategy
  • Putting real-world outcomes over work output
  • Becoming agile vs. doing Agile things
  • How to scale across the organization with no additional overhead
  • Fulfilling your mission and achieving your objectives
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